Marine radar keyboard for more comfortable operation in maritime environments

Issuing time:2023-08-26 10:39

Marine radar keyboard is a special type of ship equipment used to control and operate radar systems.It usually uses a specially designed

keyboard with some special functions to adapt to the operational requirements of marine environments and Radar and ECDIS systems.

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Following are some main features and functions of marine radar keyboards:

Waterproof and anti-corrosion

Marine radar keyboards feature with adaptability to the humidity and corrosion in marine environments, so they usually have waterproof

and anti-corrosion designs to ensure reliable operation under harsh conditions.

Customized and special key layout

The key layout on a marine radar keyboard is usually optimized based on the operational requirements of the radar system.

It may contain dedicated buttons for various common operations and functions for quick access and operation.

Backlight and contrast

Due to the constantly unstable lighting conditions on ships or boats, marine keyboards typically have functions forbacklighting and

adjusting contrast to ensure clear visibility under various lighting conditions.

Multifunctional control

Marine radar keyboard may integrate control functions of other ship equipment, such as heading control, ship speed control etc.

This allows operators to control multiple systems through the same keyboard, improving operational efficiency.

Programmable function

In order to meet the needs of different ships and radar systems, marine radar keyboards usually have programmable functions.

Operators can customize the functions of some buttons as needed to adapt to different operating processes.

In summary, marine radar keyboard is a specialized equipment designed for the radar system on ships, with features such as waterproofing,

corrosion resistance, backlighting, and programmability to ensure reliable operation and control of the radar system in harsh marine environments.

Its design purpose is to improve operational efficiency and safety, making the navigation process more reliable and efficient.


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