Trackball might be more ideal for coal and mine application with harsh environment

Issuing time:2023-08-12 14:08

Trackball is a different input device from traditional mouse, which controls the movement of the cursor by manually scrolling the trackball.

In coal and mining environments, the following are some considerations for a trackball mouse

trackball.jpgindustrial trackball.gif

1. Precision and stability

Coal and mining environments typically have factors such as vibration, bumps, and rough surfaces.

The trackball mouse has better accuracy and stability compared to traditional mouse, which can reduce cursor jumping and misoperation

caused by environmental instability.

2. Packaging and Protection

In coal and mining environments, equipment needs to have durability and protective performance to cope with issues such as dust, humidity,

liquid splashing, and mechanical impact. Trackballs are generally easier to package and protect than traditional mouse, as their core

component (trackball module) is located inside the device and is relatively less exposed to the external environment.

3. Cleaning and maintenance

In mining environments, it is often necessary to regularly clean and maintain equipment to maintain normal operation and extend its service life.

Trackball mouse is relatively easy to clean, simply removing dirt from the trackball and rolling components.

In addition, industrial trackball does not have the traditional wheels and buttons on the mouse, reducing the complexity of cleaning and maintenance.

4. Operational adaptability

The design of rugged trackball allows for operation with fingers or palms, without the need for extensive movement. Diameter of which can be

12mm/16mm/19mm/25mm/38mm/50mm/75mm, which is quite smooth and comfortable to move the ball for all people. This may be more suitable

in mining environments as the operating space may be limited or it may be difficult to use conventional mouse for large-scale movement.

Although trackball mouse is suitable for coal and mine application in certain aspects, hardware durability, adaptability, and meeting staff needs

still need to be considered. Therefore, when selecting a mouse, it is important to understand the specific requirements of the mining environment

and choose a trajectory trackball model that is suitable for that environment.

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