Where will an industrial keyboard be required?

Issuing time:2022-12-17 17:46

Industrial environments are tough on equipment and increase the risk of product failures. Water, oil, and chemicals would easily destroy a regular

office keyboard. Those also could not be operated with gloves as required in some facilities. It, therefore, makes great sense to use special keyboards

- industrial keyboards. Our range is quite large and meets everything that you need at your point of use.

Our industrial keyboards can be widely used in the following areas: industrial automation, food processing industry, beverage, coal and mine, self service

terminal and kiosk,   bank ATM machine, medical and pharmaceutical, transport engineering, building automation, safety engineering, CNC machine,   

publich access, manufacturing factory, petrochemical industry, oil and gas etc. These special rugged keyboards are well used in all these fields to meet

high-end demends, and obtain positive feedbacks even after years of applications.

Categories of Industrial Keyboards include:

a. filtered by material

Stainless steel keyboard

Membrane keyboard

Silicone Keyboard

ABS Plastic keyboard

Aluminum alloy keyboard

Glass keyboard

b. filtered by mounting solution

Panel mounted keyboard

Embedded keyboard

Built-in keyboard

Desktop keyboard

Mountable desktop keyboard

Keyboard Drawer

19U keyboard

c. filtered by application

Industrial keyboard

Military keyboard

Rugged laptop keyboard

Marine keyboard

Medical keyboard

Vehicle keyboard

Keyboard for coal and mine

d. filtered by configuration

Keyboard with touchpad

Keyboard with trackball

Keyboard with force sensing resistor hula pointing device

Keyboard with joystick

Keyboard with numeric keypad

Keyboard with backlight

Keyboard with fingerprint reader

Wireless keyboard

Bluetooth keyboard

e. filtered by function

Waterproof keyboard

Dustproof keyboard

Oilproof keyboard

Vandal proof keyboard

Explosion-proof keyboard

Hygienic keyboard

Anti-bacteria keyboard

Rugged keyboard

Robust keyboard

Wear resistant keyboard

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